She walks with all she wears
Tensions only felt
combined in memory
Heartache never melts



A dusting of snow
Lightly filled the sky
Waking with questions
I don’t know why
Sun emerges softly
The breeze begins to blow
Puzzled look in the mirror
Conscious is who I owe
Daylight comes to haunt me
Anxiety’s from within
But still I move in forward
Fearful to give in


I’m angry at you – the men in my life

growing up, you humiliated me

took advantage of my introverted character

my niceness and my innocence

How dare you make fun of me

for my purity, for being a child?

and then see me as a sex object,

feeling an attraction even as you belittle

you were immature pricks who used

scaring as a tactic of harrassment

I feel robbed – my sexuality, potential for intimacy

All the good men I’ve missed just because

I was traumatised into hiding

my light